About Waterville House of Pizza and reviews




My family and I enjoy ordering and getting delivery. And we decided to give Waterville house of pizza another try. Because previously they messed up on all of our pastas and 1 sandwich. The sauces were messed up on the pastas and the sandwich was...



This place is more of a “no-frills” pizza joint as compared to Portland Pie and Itali-ah, both of which are also on Main St, and that’s quite all right with me. In addition to some standard pizza choices, they have a selection of calzones, subs,...



Ordered most of my lunches here but they kept messing them up. Never could get them right finally gave up. People would be rude too.


Amy G

I will never return as a customer to this place. For the amount of money you pay, the food and service is horrible. I usually order online and specify what I want or don't want. Although I do this, my orders are always screwed up....



If you like Greek Style pizza then this is the place for you. Owned and operated by a Greek family from Greece.



If you're looking for quick cheap pizza, WHOP is your answer - buffalo chicken calzone is good. For finer dining and better pizza, check out railroad square.


Monika R

Service was great. Both ladies at the counter were very nice. Pizza itself lacked the miz of herbs we were used to. The crust was good, crunchy and thin. The mushrooms and garlic were FRESH! That is amazing, as usually when we go to Houses...



I have only had delivery so I don't know what the restaurant is like inside. You can order online. I like their hamburgers and their cheeseburgers are better. Their online ordering app allows for a lot of customization. They left off the cheese once. The...



The House of Pizza is very hit or miss in regards to its food and service. Sometimes things come out great and other times it's awful. The prices continue to climb there. The only benefit that we really like is free delivery, yet sometimes you...



This place just never seems clean. The workers always look like they have worn their aprons and T-Shirts a day too long, and the tables frequently have a liquid ring from the previous customers beverage. The pizza is fine. The sandwiches are ok... the food...

About Waterville House of Pizza and reviews
At Waterville House of Pizza, we pride ourselves on offering a consistently exceptional product at a reasonable price. We hope to see you soon.
About Waterville House of Pizza and reviews