This cake is very good, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to do it. It is very fresh, the taste very soft, but very rich. I put liquid candy had no syrup, but I think that with chocolate syrup would have been better ....
150g of chopped white chocolate
500g of cream (at room temperature)
250g of milk (at room temperature)
130g sugar
250g cream cheese (Philadelphia type at room temperature)
1/2 envelope curd
1/2 pack of cookies Mary
150-200g of chocolate syrup or liquid candy
chocolate chips to decorate

Put the chocolate in a glass and crush 10sec/vel 7. A Then add the cream, the milk, the sugar, the cream cheese and the curd. They are programmed 10min/100º/vel 3.
While the filling is being prepared, a layer of cookies is placed in a medium removable mold and sprinkled with plenty of syrup, place another layer of cookies, interspersed so that they plug the holes in the bottom ones. They are sprayed again with the syrup and finished with another layer of cookies.
When the programmed time is over, it is verified that the cream has a texture similar to that of honey (it should not be very liquid), otherwise it will be programmed 2 minutes to the same temperature and speed.
The cream is poured over the cookies little by little at the beginning so they do not rise. Decorate with circles of syrup and sprinkle with chocolate shavings. It is left to rest in the fridge from one day to the next. It is demoulded and served.